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News Category: Services

6 Sep 2023

Fast-tracking development applications in Queensland

Queensland currently stands as a dynamic and vibrant region marked by its stunning landscapes, urban growth, and forward-thinking development strategies.  From the picturesque beaches of the […]

28 Aug 2023

Using 3D scanning technology to map a brighter future

The demand for accurate, powerful, and efficient solutions for 3D models is greater than ever before. In our industry, there’s constant pressure to stay on schedule [...]
10 Jul 2023

Why Strata Certification is Essential for Property Developers

With the Australian borders reopening in 2022, apartment property developers have been gearing up to meet the growing demand from international investors and students. Due to […]

17 Nov 2022

A Better Future: The Benefits of Achieving EnviroDevelopment Certification

Our built environment and communities face significant environmental challenges, with the construction, operation, and maintenance of buildings across Australia comprising approximately one quarter of our total […]

6 Dec 2021

The Road to Recovery: Inspecting the Hawkesbury River Flood Damage

Some jobs are a little bit different. During the flooding that occurred in March earlier this year, there was considerable damage to roads and infrastructure throughout […]

24 Aug 2021

The Importance of Waste Management Plans

The National Waste Policy estimates that we produce 67 million tonnes of waste annually in Australia, of which 60% is generated by commercial, construction and demolition […]

29 Apr 2021

Making Our Roads Safer: How Road Safety Audits Can Help Save Lives

According to Austroads, a road safety audit (RSA) is a formal, robust technical assessment of road safety risks associated with road transport projects. The main purpose […]

10 Feb 2021

Review of Environmental Factors: The five things you need to know

In many cases public authorities can undertake development ‘without consent’ or ‘without development consent’.  This means that they do not need a formal development application (DA) […]

21 Jan 2021

Barker Ryan Stewart to Help Deliver Infrastructure Improvements Across NSW

Throughout the past two years, we have experienced significant growth in the transport infrastructure sector and our capable team has extensive experience in the provision of […]

1 Dec 2020

Paving the Way Forward: Why Developments are Required to Adopt a Green Travel Plan

What is a Green Travel Plan? A Green Travel Plan is a long-term strategy designed to encourage the use of more sustainable modes of transport rather […]

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