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Using 3D scanning technology to map a brighter future

Barker Ryan Stewart is proud to announce the expansion of our surveying services to include 3D scanning.

The demand for accurate, powerful, and efficient solutions for 3D models is greater than ever before. In our industry, there’s constant pressure to stay on schedule and within budget, while maximising efficiency and delivering high-quality results.

That’s why we’re excited to share our recent adoption of GeoSLAM’s Horizon, a high-value mobile laser 3D scanning device that offers the ultimate versatility in speed and accuracy for collecting geospatial data.

This exceptional tool enables us to survey larger areas quicker and more efficiently – consequently reducing time, field, and travel costs.



What is SLAM technology and how does it work?


SLAM stands for simultaneous localisation and mapping, and the technology allows for the capture of large volumes of data in a range of environments, including, urban, road corridors, internal, underground, and forests.

As world leaders and pioneers in “go-anywhere” 3D mobile mapping and surveying technology, GeoSLAM offers a complete solution, rapidly building highly accurate 3D models within minutes, without the need for laborious traditional surveying methods.

Highly versatile and adaptable to both indoor and outdoor environments, this mobile laser scanning device captures data by measuring a multitude of points to create a 3D point cloud digitisation. The point cloud is accurate within a few centimetres and represents surfaces of objects and features in a variety of environments such as a road, building, or construction site.

With 3D scanning, larger and more intricate areas can be measured faster in the field, with the density of the points dependent on the level of detail required and purpose of the project. The denser the points, the more detailed the representation will be.

A technique called feature-based point recognition is then used to identify and match points in the 3D point cloud data, creating a seamless digital 3D model.

The end result is an accurate, detailed, and vibrant image of the measured object.



3D scanning can be used to survey road infrastructure to monitor their conditions and plan for maintenance and repair projects. 
The 3D scanning technology can also be used for digital building information modelling (BIM).


What types of projects can we assist with?


GeoSLAM is a versatile surveying technology that can be used for a wide range of projects and applications, providing accurate and detailed data to facilitate decision-making and planning processes.

3D scanning is ideal for:


    • Buildings: GeoSLAM can be used for digital building information modelling (BIM) by quickly capturing accurate information about a building that can be turned into a digital model and used for planning, monitoring, and managing the built environment.
    • Infrastructure and asset management: The device can be used to survey roads, bridges, and other infrastructure assets to monitor their conditions, identify potential hazards, and plan maintenance and repair projects. For example, GeoSLAM can generate road corridor surveys which pick up features including road layouts, signage, pavements and footpaths within minutes. This technology also offers the most accurate measurements required for monitoring or volume surveys to assist with movement, progress, and quantities. Monitoring data enables us to acquire crucial insights on structural movements to minimise structural integrity concerns, as well as reduce risk exposure before, during, and after a project.
    • Volumetric: This techonology offers an ideal solution to volumetric surveys, whether they are stockpiles, trenches, or open cut mines. With the ability to mount the scanner on a drone, car or operate whilst walking, GeoSLAM horizon provides a fast, accurate and safe means of survey.
    • Emergency response: GeoSLAM can be used for disaster response and emergency management. Its ability to create detailed maps of damaged structures can aid in assessing the magnitude of damages, thereby allowing a plan for recovery and reconstruction efforts.
    • Forestry: Mobile scanners provide a fast and low impact method of data capture in a forest environment, including vegetation analysis, ground mapping, and fire management planning.



How can 3D scanning services benefit your project?


Besides its advanced mobile mapping technology, GeoSLAM provides fast and accurate 3D mapping of indoor and outdoor environments. The technology can benefit your project in several ways, including:


    • Increased efficiency: GeoSLAM offers the ability to cover a large area quickly and efficiently, allowing us to complete projects faster than traditional surveying methods.
    • Enhanced data visualisation: GeoSLAM’s enhanced data visualisation capabilities help you to gain a deeper understanding of the data, leading to more informed decision-making and improved outcomes for your projects. It can generate highly detailed and realistic 3D visualisations of the surveyed area, while also allowing you to interact with the data in new, innovative ways.
    • Being cost-effective: GeoSLAM’s efficiency reduces the amount of time and resources required for surveying, which can lead to significant cost savings.
    • Versatility: From construction and engineering to planning and asset management, this robust device can be used in a variety of settings, including indoors, outdoors, and in challenging, or hazardous environments.
    • Time-stamp data capture: With the entirety of the site being scanned, the data is available for review at a later date, and can be used as a benchmark for progress reporting, evidence of works or historical analysis.



How can Barker Ryan Stewart assist?


Accurate surveying is an essential early step for any successful project. Our surveying team has extensive experience in providing spatial solutions and with our latest addition of GeoSLAM, we can provide a service with reliable accuracy, precision, and immediacy.

Whether you require design or construction services, or operating and maintaining an asset, our surveying team is well-resourced and positioned to assist you.





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