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Why Strata Certification is Essential for Property Developers

Despite the continued impact of rising interest rates on buyers' borrowing capacity and a slight decline in property prices across much of NSW, medium to high density development projects remain highly sought.

With the Australian borders reopening in 2022, apartment property developers have been gearing up to meet the growing demand from international investors and students. Due to houses becoming increasingly unaffordable for the majority of Australians, a significant shift in the property market has observed apartments and other ‘higher-density living types’ gaining popularity. 

Coupled with the ongoing growth of Australia’s population, there is now a pressing need for developers to strategically position their projects to capture this market opportunity in an efficient manner. 

One way is through private strata certification.

In 2008, the implementation of the Codes SEPP (Exempt and Complying Development) revolutionised the process of strata subdivisions in New South Wales. This development introduced a more streamlined approach, allowing private certifiers to handle the majority of strata subdivisions as complying developments. 

As a result, developers no longer need to submit a separate development application to Council for strata subdivision.

More recently, the inclusion of the Low Rise Housing Diversity Code within the Codes SEPP has opened the doors to more development types being able to qualify for strata subdivision under Complying Development across NSW.

What is strata certification?

Strata certification is a process where a Registered Certifier, registered by the Commissioner for Fair Trading, can assess and certify strata development projects in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. 

It involves reviewing the proposed plans, conducting inspections, and issuing the necessary certificates, such as Strata Certificates and Complying Development Certificates.

Engaging a Registered Certifier can significantly streamline the strata subdivision process. With sustained growth, Barker Ryan Stewart has established itself as one of the leading strata certifiers in NSW. Over the years, we’ve issued more than 1,000 Strata, Complying Development, Subdivision, Compliance and Subdivision Works Certificates.

What are the benefits of strata certification?

Since the inception of the private certification system in 1998, our Registered Certifiers have specialised in delivering strata and subdivision certification services on a wide range of developments.

Our strata certification services offer several benefits to developers:

  • Faster turnaround times: As Registered Certifiers, we can offer a more streamlined process and a shorter turnaround time compared to the council approval process. We ensure your project progresses efficiently, as we understand your project’s time constraints.
  • Substantially reduce subdivision and land holding costs: By avoiding potential delays associated with the traditional council process, developers can minimise project holding costs, thereby achieving a faster return on investment.
  • Consistent assessment process throughout NSW: If you have multiple strata subdivisions in different LGAs, engaging with us means you won’t need to navigate the varying processes from each council. Through our standardised approach, you’ll receive consistency and transparency – saving you time and effort.
  • Expert guidance and increased efficiency: As a certifying authority, we bring valuable guidance and advice throughout the entire certification process. We assist you in understanding the complex regulatory requirements, ensuring your project meets the necessary criteria.

How Barker Ryan Stewart can assist with the provision of strata certification services

Our strata certification services offer developers specialised expertise and cost-effective solutions, while achieving compliance and bringing your strata development projects to fruition in an efficient manner. 

Barker Ryan Stewart is well-resourced and positioned to assist in providing strata certification services for your development. If you have any questions about how we can assist with your next development, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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