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News Category: Sustainability

22 Aug 2023

How climate-resilient infrastructure can shape our future

During a time defined by rapidly changing climate patterns and increased frequency of extreme weather events, modifying existing infrastructure plays a pivotal role in shaping our […]

17 Nov 2022

A Better Future: The Benefits of Achieving EnviroDevelopment Certification

Our built environment and communities face significant environmental challenges, with the construction, operation, and maintenance of buildings across Australia comprising approximately one quarter of our total […]

24 Aug 2021

The Importance of Waste Management Plans

The National Waste Policy estimates that we produce 67 million tonnes of waste annually in Australia, of which 60% is generated by commercial, construction and demolition […]

8 Mar 2021

The Sustainable Built Environment: A conflicting juxtaposition or the future of our industry?

This is primarily because in the past the built environment – the man-made elements of our surroundings such as buildings and infrastructure – has been designed […]

1 Dec 2020

Paving the Way Forward: Why Developments are Required to Adopt a Green Travel Plan

What is a Green Travel Plan? A Green Travel Plan is a long-term strategy designed to encourage the use of more sustainable modes of transport rather […]

30 Oct 2020

A Bright Future for Australia’s Renewable Energy Sector

The Australian Energy Statistics have revealed that renewable energy sources achieved a 21 per cent share of Australia’s total electricity generation last year. This marked the highest level of renewables in […]

6 Feb 2018

Barker Ryan Stewart has gained ISO Accreditation

The whole team at Barker Ryan Stewart have been working hard behind the scenes recently to ensure our integrated management system launched successfully across all three […]

25 Apr 2015

Sustainable Sydney 2030

The sustainability vision seeks to make Sydney internationally recognised as a leader with outstanding environmental performance and new ‘green’ industries driving economic growth. Sydney 2030 aims […]

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