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Subdivision and Strata Certification

We are a leader in subdivision and strata certification within NSW, and our certification team has the experience required to meet and drive better outcomes for your project.  

Our Registered Certifiers have been involved in the provision of private subdivision and strata certification services since the inception of the system over 20 years ago. We have since issued over 1,000 Subdivision Works, Compliance, Subdivision, Strata, and Complying Development Certificates and have acted as the Principal Certifier on a range of State Significant Developments from 600 up to 7,200 lots.

Working closely alongside you and the project team, we provide a consistent assessment process and efficient turnaround times to ensure your project objectives are achieved. Whether it’s providing our subdivision certification services for a residential master-planned community or industrial subdivision, or our strata certification services for an innovative apartment development, you can be confident that our collaborative and pragmatic approach means we’ll connect you with a better outcome.

Subdivision and Strata Certification services

Subdivision Certification

  • Subdivision Works Certificates 
  • Compliance Certificates for subdivision works (approval of works)
  • Compliance Certificates for civil engineering design and works components of development projects
  • Acting as the Principal Certifier and issuing Subdivision Certificates for State Significant Developments

Strata Certification

  • Strata Subdivision Certificates
  • Complying Development Certificates (CDC) for developments identified in Council Development Control Plans (DCPs)
  • Complying Development Certificate (CDC) for Code SEPP (Low Rise Medium Density),
  • Strata Certificates and Torrens Title Subdivision Certificates

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