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How Barker Ryan Stewart Provides a Better Place to Work

At Barker Ryan Stewart, we believe that prioritising our team’s wellbeing and growth ensures we provide a better place to work.

It is no secret that our relationship with work has fundamentally changed over the past two years. In fact, it is evident that the majority of employee’s priorities have shifted, with health, wellbeing, family, and purpose now more likely to be prioritised over work than prior to the pandemic.

For many employees flexible working has become a non-negotiable, with two-thirds of Australian workers now saying they will contemplate joining or staying with a company only if they provide hybrid or remote work options.

To ensure employees remain content in the workplace one thing is clear: prioritising flexibility and wellbeing is now inextricably linked to employee satisfaction and engagement.

How do we provide a better place to work?

Since our establishment, we have always understood the importance of keeping our team connected by providing a healthy work-life balance and a supportive team culture.

Alongside prioritising our team’s wellbeing by providing a supportive and flexible work environment, we also understand the importance of supporting their personal and professional growth, and ensuring they feel empowered to form part of our future growth.

We believe investing time in learning, self-development, and knowledge sharing is key to ensuring our team is constantly growing and thriving. Some of the tangible ways we support our team’s wellbeing and growth are summarised in this article.

A genuine work-life balance

To further our commitment to prioritising a sustainable work-life balance, we have introduced a permanent hybrid working model which includes a balance of working both in the office and at home, alongside working during hours when our team is most productive.

Based on qualitative feedback from our team, we determined that splitting our week between work and home has allowed us to maintain the social and collaborative aspects of working together in the office, whilst still sustaining a healthy work-life balance.

On top of adopting a hybrid working model, we encourage our team to tailor flexible working arrangements that best suit their lifestyle as it evolves. Whether it be flexible start and finish times, or the number of days spent at work, if it suits their needs and productivity, it suits us.

Adopting this flexible approach has empowered our team to have freedom in determining how and when they work, by providing them with the flexibility needed to ensure they can maintain a healthy work-life balance and prioritise what is important to them.

How we support our team’s wellbeing

We believe in treating our people better by providing a range of benefits to prioritise their health and wellbeing, alongside having a supportive culture which encourages our team to thrive and enjoy high levels of work satisfaction, with minimal levels of work-related stress.

We understand the importance of taking time to recharge to look after your wellbeing, which is why we have introduced ‘BRS Days’ as additional wellbeing leave, to allow our team to recharge and take a break, on us.

To ensure we provide a holistic approach to supporting our team’s wellbeing, we also offer our team access to our Employee Assistance Program, which provides ongoing support and confidential counselling services to ensure they always feel supported.

We’re here to help our team grow

We’re committed to helping our team grow by providing a wide range of professional development and learning opportunities to suit their individual needs. We want to support our team’s careers in whichever direction they take them, meaning our team is in control of choosing which relevant courses or opportunities they would like to be part of.

With opportunities to work on projects along the East Coast, our team has the autonomy to lead their own projects right from the get-go, with the support and mentorship of our senior team to ensure they’re working on challenging projects that align with their interests.

Moreover, we understand that our long-term sustainable growth is attributed to the collective efforts of our entire team, and to ensure our team can grow alongside us we have recently implemented an Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP). The implementation of our ESOP closely aligns with our culture by putting our people first and providing them with the opportunity to benefit from the growth and success of the company.

Sound like a team you’re interested in joining?

To learn more about what it’s like being part of our team, you can check out our ‘day in the life of’ blog series to hear some of our team’s highlights first-hand.

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