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Western Sydney Aerotropolis: Australia’s newest and thriving commercial city

Substantial investment in the airport, roads, and new metro will make the Western Sydney Aerotropolis one of the most well-connected areas in the country.

Described as a powerhouse, the Western Sydney Aerotropolis is set to drive decades of transformational economic growth – boosting opportunities, amenities, and sustainability for workers and residents.

Located in the western suburbs of Sydney, the Aerotropolis is a planned urban development built around the new Western Sydney International Airport. The airport is currently under construction and due to open in 2026.

As one of Australia’s fastest-growing urban areas, the Western Parkland City is home to one-third of Sydney’s skilled manufacturing workforce, with a forecasted population of 1.4 million by 2036

Undoubtedly, the Aerotropolis is one of the most exciting developments currently taking place in Australia, offering a diverse and dynamic population, a skilled and educated workforce, and a vibrant lifestyle.

Transport infrastructure projects building opportunities for the region 

With $20 billion in government funding injected into critical transport infrastructure, new motorways, a Metro rail, and an international airport, the Aerotropolis will become one of the most well-connected areas in the country.

A wide range of transport options will be available to residents and visitors, including:

  • Western Sydney International Airport – Also known as Badgerys Creek Airport, this major infrastructure project will provide a world-class second airport for the Sydney region. With an aim to support the growing demand for air travel, the airport will accommodate 10 million passengers per year from its expected launch date in 2026. 
  • Western Sydney Airport Line – A new 23-kilometre metro line will connect the Aerotropolis to the Sydney CBD and the rest of the Sydney metropolitan area. It’s expected to be completed by 2026 and feature six new stations, including one at the airport terminal. The line will operate fully automated, driverless trains, providing fast and frequent services to passengers.
  • Road infrastructure – Some key developments include:
    • M12 Motorway: This new motorway connects the new Western Sydney International Airport to the M7 Motorway and the Sydney metropolitan area. It will feature a four-lane divided road with interchanges at key locations.
    • The Northern Road upgrade: As a major arterial road, The Northern Road connects Western Sydney to the Western Sydney International Airport. The $1.6 billion upgrade includes widening the road to six lanes, nine intersection upgrades, an interchange at Bringelly Road, and pedestrian and cycling facilities.  
    • Bringelly Road upgrade: The $509 million upgrade to Bringelly Road will include widening the road to four lanes, with improved intersections and pedestrian and cycling facilities.
    • Local road upgrades: A number of local roads in the Western Sydney Aerotropolis are being upgraded, including the upgrade of Elizabeth Drive. 

These infrastructure projects will ultimately provide sustainable and efficient transport options for people traveling to and from the Aerotropolis, and aims to support the growth of the new economic hub and employment centre for Western Sydney.

Construction of the Western Sydney International Airport is now underway, with the airport expected to be operational by 2026.

Aerotropolis seen as an economic catalyst

The Aerotropolis will be a thriving economic hub, with a focus on high-tech industries such as aerospace, advanced manufacturing, and logistics. This key infrastructure brings economic and social benefits to its residents – as well as generating a large pool of employment opportunities, creating a highly liveable and sustainable city.

The project will be a major contributor to the 200,000 future jobs set to be created across Western Parkland City over the next 20 years. Specifically, the Western Sydney Airport aims to deliver up to 3,200 jobs during its construction phase, and around 9,000 airport jobs throughout its operation over the next 20 years. The airport is expected to support around 28,000 jobs by 2031, growing to nearly 48,000 by 2041. 

In addition to improving livability through transport infrastructure and supercharging job opportunities, the Aerotropolis also offers new recreational and cultural opportunities for residents such as:

  • New parks and green spaces
  • Community facilities such as schools and healthcare centres
  • Cultural institutions 
  • Shopping centres and restaurants

These are designed to foster a sense of community and improve social cohesion.

Opportunities for investment

With Western Sydney predicted to become Australia’s third-largest economy by 2036, the Aerotropolis is arguably the largest infrastructure project to transform the western suburbs of Sydney, making it the ideal place to invest.

The Aerotropolis offers a range of investment opportunities for both local and international investors, with a focus on the following sectors:

  • Real estate and construction: The development of the Aerotropolis will require significant investment in new housing, commercial buildings, and infrastructure, presenting opportunities for investment in real estate development and construction.
  • Logistics and distribution: Set to become a major logistics and distribution hub, the Aerotropolis offers investment opportunities in logistics facilities, including warehouses and distribution centres.
  • Tourism and hospitality: The Aerotropolis is expected to attract a significant number of tourists and business travelers, creating opportunities for investment in hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality-related businesses.

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