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Transport for NSW Verification Project Update

Learn more about the role of Transport for NSW Project Verifiers through some of our recent projects.

What is a Transport for NSW Project Verifier? 

For developments directly fronting or adjacent to a road owned by Transport for NSW (formerly RMS), private developers must come to an agreement with the TfNSW to facilitate any construction works that may be required within the road reserve.  

This is typically done through a Works Authorisation Deed (WAD). A WAD is the formally executed agreement between the property developer and TfNSW that grants permission for the developer to complete construction works within an existing TfNSW road, subject to the developers compliance with various requirements.  

As part of the WAD process, a Transport for NSW Project Verifier is appointed by the developer with the agreement of TfNSW, to provide an independent review of the civil design, the contractor’s project plans, and act as a presence on ground during construction works to ensure works are completed in accordance with TfNSW Quality Assurance Specifications. 

Our experienced Project Verifiers have worked on a broad range of projects that require minor and major intersection works with TfNSW’s road reserves throughout NSW. Some of the more recent projects are discussed below. 

Construction Commencing Soon – Castle Towers Expansion Project 

Barker Ryan Stewart has been engaged by QIC to act as the Transport for NSW Project Verifier for the Pennant Street roadworks to facilitate the expansion of Castle Towers, in Castle Hill NSW. The works involve the construction of a culvert underpass beneath Pennant Street to allow for future access into the Castle Towers Shopping precinct. It also includes the re-alignment of Pennant Street and the upgrade of the intersection with Showground Road. 

Works are scheduled to commence in March 2020, however to date we have been thoroughly involved in the review of the Civil Construction Plans and the Civil Contractors Project Plan documentation as well as coordination with TfNSW. 

Similarly given the size and uniqueness of the underpass culvert, we were also required to coordinate an independent structural design review of the design for compliance with TfNSW’s Specification PS361.  

We also attended and contributed to a Safety in Design Workshop run by BG&E, which utilised the Construction Hazard Assessment Implication Review (CHAIR) process to thoroughly assess the design plans for anything which could create a hazard both during construction, and once works were completed. 

Construction Ongoing – The Hills of Carmel Intersection Upgrade 

Barker Ryan Stewart is also involved in overseeing the ongoing construction works at the Windsor Road/Mt Carmel Drive intersection. The intersection is set to be the main entrance into the Hills of Carmel Estate, which falls within the Box Hill Release area and is part of the NSW Government’s North West Priority Growth Precinct. It is also set to provide access from Windsor Road to the new HomeWorld display village in the area. 

To date, we have issued the Design Documents and Project Plan Certificates. We are also regularly conducting compliance inspections as the civil contractor is in the process of constructing the first leg of the intersection pavement within the existing property boundary, and adjacent to the existing South East bound lanes on Windsor Road. 

One of the larger challenges of this project is the traffic management on Windsor Road, a classified sub-arterial road that is a main connection between Windsor and the fast-growing Hills and Blacktown areas. Maintaining the existing two-lane traffic flows in both directions for all but minor periods during the construction works is paramount to ensuring the works area does not become a bottleneck on this already busy road.  

Recently Completed – The Sydney Zoo Intersection Upgrade 

Barker Ryan Stewart was engaged by Western Sydney Parklands Trust as the TfNSW Project Verifiers for the signalised intersection upgrade works which facilitated the construction of the access road to the new Sydney Zoo. The site is located on the Great Western Highway opposite Rudders Lane in Eastern Creek. Barker Ryan Stewart was involved early on in the project, where we conducted a detailed review of the detailed Civil Engineering Plans and Traffic Signal Plans, as well as the Contractors Project Plans as required by the WAD. 

As well as providing Design Documents and Project Plan Certificates, our inspectors attended over 35 daytime and nightworks site inspections to assess the progress of the works, coordinate with the civil contractor, and ensure compliance with the TfNSW approved Civil Plans and TfNSW Construction Specifications. The information gained from these inspections was then collated and relayed to TfNSW through the monthly reporting system required by the WAD. 

Post construction and following a detailed review of all the Quality Assurance documentation, our inspectors worked closely with the contractors and client to get the intersection to a condition acceptable to TfNSW prior to the opening of the zoo. 

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