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Why Barker Ryan Stewart offers its team a flexible workplace

Why we offer our team a flexible workplace and why it works

A part of Barker Ryan Stewarts office culture is offering its team a flexible workplace. BRS saw the potential in founding a workplace that paved the way to a healthy work/life balance and just one of the ways to foster this was by giving individuals options of flexibility with their working hours.

Flexible workplace arrangements can be one or a blend of things, this could be:

  • Shortening the work week to work the same hours in less days
  • Flexible work times, so earlier or later start and finish times to suit different commitments
  • Offering time in lieu for leave
  • Working from various locations other than the office
  • Changing from full-time to part time and vice versa
  • Job sharing and split roles

So why does a flexible workplace work for BRS?

Increased Productivity

Team members that are offered a flexible workplace are found to be more productive with their work hours, as their working day has been adjusted to work best for their individual needs so that the time that they spend working is fully dedicated to the task on hand. Having the control to put forward a flexible workplace arrangement that works for all, it also lets the BRS team know they are valued and trusted and therefore better invested with their time spent in working hours and raising the whole workplace morale.

Family and Lifestyle

Having a flexible workplace means having the option to really be able to focus on family and lifestyle needs. Having that healthy work/life balance option gives the BRS team the option to factor in doing the things they enjoy and spending better quality time with those that matter throughout their week. This in turn can aid in easing causes of stress and anxiety that a busy life can bring, an important part of our healthy workplace culture. Flexibility also improves workplace diversity like opening positions for; parents by adapting options for childcare for families, students looking to work while studying or for those who need to work from home for health or other reasons.

Reduced Costs

Not only are the BRS own overhead costs reduced by offering a flexible workplace by minimising office space by using clever office share roles and reducing our carbon footprint. The BRS team can also adapt their working time to suit their commute, clearing the roads or opening public transport options, and giving the freedom to work around appointments or out of work commitments has resulted in less time taken off during work hours. Leading the way towards a more productive team that can stay engaged and reducing expenses for all.

New and Current Employee Incentive

BRS understands that most people want the option of a flexible workplace when looking for a new job, having this option not only entices potential candidates to BRS, it also gives BRS the option to find the best fit for our team. With the demand only getting higher for workplaces that offer flexible arrangements, BRS understands the importance that this option gives. It also gives current team members the option to modify their work arrangements to suit their needs as their life changes over time.

Having a flexible workplace can have its challenges with trying to schedule around work arrangements for meetings and checking in with staff in person but BRS works around this by using the advances of telecommunicating, such as using webcams and screen sharing, and by ensuring face-to-face meets are organised throughout the year for all our offices across NSW.

If you find that a flexible workplace appeals to you and you are looking to move into a new company check out the BRS join our team page to see what positions we are currently looking to fill or contact us to chat about what you could possibly bring to the BRS team.

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