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The Importance of Client Feedback

At Barker Ryan Stewart, we highly value our client’s feedback and use it to help determine why our clients value our services.

Barker Ryan Stewart recently entered this year’s Financial Review Client Choice Awards. Whilst unfortunately we weren’t announced as finalists, we were able to receive extremely insightful and rewarding client feedback which we are using to help improve the quality of our services.

The independent research behind the Awards was managed by Beaton Research + Consulting who used online surveys to receive feedback from clients. The survey allowed clients to rate and comment on firms’ brands and performance in delivering services in a range of criteria including quality, value for money, price, and innovation.

What our clients are saying about Barker Ryan Stewart

The client feedback we have received has been extremely insightful to our understanding of why our clients value our services and how we can continue to improve the quality of our services to them. Some of the feedback we received about our services includes:

  • “High level of knowledge and experience on technical matters and complex projects; efficient and quick turn around on projects”
  • “Professional, knowledgeable, efficient and fast services”
  • “Great customer service, focused on outcomes and clear communication”
  • “Most often than not, they go above and beyond most consultants to provide the quality of workmanship”
  • “Always been an ease to use and have confidence in their ability to complete the job in the best way possible”

What were our results?

At Barker Ryan Stewart, we understand that each client is unique and requires different outcomes. This has helped shape our organisation to be adaptable and always prioritise our client’s needs.

Through the Client Choice Awards Survey, we have been able to gauge our client satisfaction and are proud to have received relatively high overall averages. Our results were generally above average in comparison to the feedback received by other firms within the construction industry.

Our overall firm averages were:

  • 8.64 for overall client service
  • 8.88 for overall performance
  • 8.89 for expertise in area of need
  • 8.91 for likelihood to recommend
  • 9 for caring about clients
  • 9.13 for ease of doing business

What does this mean to us?

Barker Ryan Stewart’s Managing Director, Glenn Barker said, “the results of the survey and the endorsements we have received from our clients is very rewarding for our team.”

“It shows that we are on the right track, however we will continually look to improve the experience of our clients wherever we can.”

“We are fully aware that with technology, the internet and the need to personalise services that our clients compare us not so much against other Planners, Engineers, Surveyors and Certifiers anymore, but against the last great experience they’ve had whether it be using Uber, buying a book from Booktopia or a coffee from their favourite local café.”

“We would like to thank all our clients for taking the time to provide us with your feedback as this will help us to improve the quality of our services.”

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