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Minmi Road, Fletcher

Traffic Engineering and Transport Planning

Barker Ryan Stewart was engaged for the provision of a Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) Report to a planning proposal for a 150-lot residential subdivision at 505 Minmi Road, Fletcher in the Newcastle LGA. 

The site is currently undeveloped and is bounded by Minmi Road in the north, existing residential developments to the east, and proposed residential developments to the west and south-east. The only access currently available to the development site is through the existing residential area via Britannia Boulevard, County Drive and Kingfisher Drive. 

One of the main objectives of the TIA was to assess the impact of the proposed subdivision on the existing road network and whether an additional connection to Minmi Road was required as a result of the proposal. This included analysing the expected traffic generation to/from the proposed development and assessing the impact of the proposed development on the surrounding road network, in particular, the impact on the existing roundabout at the Minmi Road / Britannia Boulevard intersection. 

The report concluded that the surrounding road network will not require any upgrade works as a result of the proposed rezoning and development. 

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Minmi Road, Fletcher


Traffic Engineering

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