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Broadmeadow Place Strategy: Planning for Broadmeadow’s bright future

The City of Newcastle in partnership with the NSW Government has released the Broadmeadow Place Strategy, guiding major urban renewal in Broadmeadow over the next 30 years.

Newcastle is one of the fastest growing areas in NSW, with an estimated 200,000 people set to move to Greater Newcastle by 2056, meaning quality housing and the creation of new jobs will be integral to the region’s success.

To support this expected population growth, a strategic planning approach is being undertaken to ensure that Greater Newcastle and the Hunter region continue to be productive, liveable and sustainable for both current and future residents.

One such example of strategic planning required for the region is the Broadmeadow Place Strategy, a high-level plan outlining a future vision for the area over the next 30 years.

Why Broadmeadow?

Located on Awabakal Country, the place we now call Broadmeadow is an area of approximately 300 hectares and forms part of the City of Newcastle LGA.

Broadmeadow has been identified as a Regionally Significant Growth Area and a priority location for future growth in both the Hunter Regional Plan 2041 and Greater Newcastle Metropolitan Plan 2036.

The Broadmeadow area was identified as it provides a unique opportunity for urban renewal, given its central location, existing and future public transport infrastructure, large industrial sites, and Government-owned land.

To support this growth, the Hunter Regional Plan 2041 recognised the need to prepare a Place Strategy for Broadmeadow, to ensure all future development is delivered in a strategic and coordinated way that aligns with the Regional Plan.

What is the Broadmeadow Place Strategy?

The Broadmeadow Place Strategy is a high-level plan outlining a future vision for the area over the next three decades and was introduced by the City of Newcastle in partnership with the NSW Government.

According to the City of Newcastle, the Place Strategy aims to guide future land use and infrastructure investment – including establishing locations for housing, employment, transport corridors, public and open space, areas of cultural heritage and local identity, and sport, leisure and entertainment precincts.

The Place Strategy applies to the Broadmeadow Regionally Significant Growth Area and will outline how the area will evolve over the next 30 years, by identifying opportunities and constraints, as well as infrastructure and land uses required to enhance the precinct for current and future residents, workers and visitors.

What does the Broadmeadow Place Strategy involve?

The draft Broadmeadow Place Strategy outlines the revitalisation of a 313-hectare precinct, creating up to 20,000 new homes and 15,000 new jobs, alongside preserving Broadmeadow as a leading sport and entertainment destination in the region.

The draft Place Strategy and the NSW Government’s rezoning plan have been placed on public exhibition from 12 June – 24 July 2024, providing the opportunity for the Hunter community to have their say.

The rezoning plan proposes how government-owned land will be used to ensure more housing, including affordable and diverse housing, is available within the Hunter region. The plan proposes to deliver approximately 3,200 new dwellings and 2,350 new jobs within the first 10 years of delivery.

Need assistance with an upcoming development in Broadmeadow?

Our new Hunter office is strategically positioned in Broadmeadow, ensuring our experienced team can assist with the planned urban renewal and growth in the area over the years to come.

Our team has worked on over 1,000 projects across a wide range of sectors in the Hunter region to date and is well-resourced and positioned to assist in providing our full range of services for your next project in Broadmeadow and the Hunter.

If you have any questions about further opportunities for growth or how we can assist with your development, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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