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A Day in the Life of a Project Manager at Barker Ryan Stewart: Kim Stamper

At Barker Ryan Stewart, we’re proud to have a highly motivated and passionate team that works together to deliver infrastructure and create better outcomes for our communities.

In our ‘day in the life of’ blog series, we aim to showcase the work of our talented team and help you get to know the faces behind our projects a little bit better. This month we sat down with Kim, one of our Project Managers and Central Coast Manager, to chat a bit more about the most enjoyable aspects of being part of our multidisciplinary team and her advice for anyone looking to become a Project Manager.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what attracted you to becoming a Project Manager?

I didn’t set out to be a project manager, as my background is in design. Working at BRS, there was opportunity to step up and assist with projects that required that extra level of coordination. I viewed my role as ‘making the lives of the planners and engineers easier’ by handling any non-technical aspects of a project. My role then evolved into one of project management, and I formalized this by earning a Cert IV qualification.

Walk us through a typical day in your working life. How do you usually start your workday and what are the most enjoyable parts of your day?

I usually start the day off by rising early and exercising at the beach. I’m a list-maker, my work day starts with prioritizing my tasks, then it’s on to emails and phone calls. Speaking to different consultants, clients, and Councils fills up most of my day, and the variety of issues that present themselves keeps me on my toes!  

What’s it like being part of Barker Ryan Stewart’s multidisciplinary team?

I really enjoy interacting with our staff across all offices on a daily basis. There’s always something new to learn from someone, and we are fortunate to have a wide array of expertise in-house.

What’s been the most memorable aspect of working at Barker Ryan Stewart so far?

Our annual conferences are a highlight every year, followed closely by our Christmas parties. Finding a win in our company NRL Fantasy comp is my never-ending frustration, but this is my year – I can feel it!  

Do you have any advice for someone looking to become a Project Manager?

Being a project manager isn’t about knowing all the answers. It’s about knowing who to ask and where to find them.  

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